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  • Michelle Burke
    Aug 3, 2007
      None of the godparents in my family were married to each other (my parents were both first-generation Americans), and most of them were brothers/sisters of my parents. However, my godmother was my mother's best friend -- unrelated, and I always called her "Aunt" Christine.

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      Thanks for the Armata info. My mother was a 1st generation American of
      Carpatho-Rus/ Ruthenian/ Slovak ancestry & she too had godparents who were
      married to each other & she always referred to them as "Aunt" & "Uncle" (or
      the Slovak equivalent for those) though we've yet to determine that they
      were related by either blood or marriage. (And she did know their first

      I was baptized twice: Within 2 weeks of birth as GC & 6 months later as RC
      (& raised RC) -- and neither set of godparents were married couples. Mom
      always said her father insisted I be baptized as soon after birth as
      possible, hence the GC baptism. Dad was baptized GC but was raised RC &
      insisted I be re-baptized RC. I vaguely remember my GC godmother; both my
      godfathers passed away when I was a toddler.

      I had a wonderful relationship with my RC godmother who considered herself
      more my grandmother (both of mine died prior to my birth). My RC
      godmother's daughter & my mother (both only children) called each other
      "sister". To me, my godmother's daughter is "Aunt" because of the sisterly
      relationship she had with my mother.


      On 8/2/07, William F Brna <wfbrna@juno. com> wrote:
      > Joseph Armata writes: "There's no provision that godparents must be
      > married to each other..." I am a first generation American of Slovak
      > ancestry. My godfparents were, in fact, married to each other. While I
      > was growing up, we maintained a close relationship. I did not know their
      > first names. They were "krstniotec" and "krstnamat' " whenever they were
      > referred to.
      > William F. Brna

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