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18566Re: [Slovak-World] marriage witnesses

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  • Andy Verostko
    Aug 2, 2007
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      regarding the two men whose names appear often in the mariage records....

      The below info is excerpted from:
      "Slovakia and the Slovaks, a Concise Encyclopedia".
      Encyclopedical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
      Gold Press Publishers, Bratislava, 1994

      Wedding - Customs accompanying marriage. It was early in the
      developement of the patriarchial
      family that a wedding acquired complex ceremonies which stressed
      significant economic, social
      and family relations. The symbolism of the ceremonies stressed the
      importance of family making
      relationsand included a remeniscence of the purchase and/or abduction of
      the bride, economic
      hope, acts of reproduction, ritual purification, superstitious commands
      and prohibitions. In the
      Slovak Territory weddings varied throughout history and distinct social
      and regional differences
      are obvious. However the basic elements and functions remained
      identical. The course of a
      wedding was managed by "functionaries" which developed with tradition
      (Wedding parents which
      were a senior or mayor from the bridegroom's suite and a master of
      ceremopnies from the bride's
      suite) as well as the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The participants of
      the wedding originally acted
      as witnesses. The wedding lasted three days. The groom aand his
      guests, accompanied by musicians,
      went to the home of the bride. On his way, the groom had to overcome
      various obstacles, a gate
      was shut to him, some tried to send him away. He was told to ask,
      through the senior, the parents
      of the bride for her. The parents handed the bride over to the groom
      through the master of

      The above is in reference to 19th century traditions and there is more
      detail on the wedding customs
      and ceremony and it seems that the two men were the intermediaries who
      were very much involved
      in arranging for approvals, dowery's and social compliance...

      regards Andy V......

      J Michutka wrote:

      > One related question--these people named in the marriage records as
      > witnesses--always 2 men--would they have been the same as the best
      > man (druzba) and the zvac (inviter)? Sorry if it seems like the
      > answer should be obvious, but with the difference in time and place,
      > I try not to make assumptions, even for seemingly obvious questions.
      > So my question stands.
      > Thanks for any insights,
      > Julie Michutka

      > <mailto:jmm%40pathbridge.net>
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