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18555RE: [Slovak-World] Re: marriage witnesses--slight tangent

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  • Armata, Joseph R
    Aug 1 9:04 AM
      For Roman Catholics, only one godparent is required for Baptism, but two are allowed so long as they are one of each sex. More than two are not allowed, nor are two of the same sex. There's no provision that the godparents can't be married to each other, but I think you're right about one reason why they usually (always?) aren't. Another reason might be to spread the privilege of being a godparent among the many friends and relatives.


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      This discussion has reminded me that traditionally, a Slovak child's godfather and godmother have played a larger role in the child's life. For example, their place of honor at the wedding.

      Was it a Slovak-wide tradition that, although the godmother and godfather could be married persons, they weren't supposed to be married to each other (mine weren't)? I guess it was to increase the number of families with which the child could live if something happened to his/her own parents and blood relatives, not such a far-fetched occurrence in those times.

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