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  • J Michutka
    Jul 31, 2007
      The other thing I track is midwife / obstetrix. In the Catholic
      records, I find them occasionally when a baby was baptized by the
      midwife (baby probably wasn't expected to live). One day for the
      heck of it, I looked at the Jewish records for the town. Those
      records were bilingual German and Yiddish or Hebrew, but with a
      German genealogy wordlist I found that one column was for midwife,
      and there was usually a name there, and it was almost always a woman
      from the Catholic population of the town (well, the town was 99.9%
      Catholic), and there I found some women in my family, who had also
      once or twice showed up in the Catholic baptismal records as a
      midwife baptizing a baby. So, take a gander at your Slovak village's
      Jewish records, you might find unexpected information there!

      Julie Michutka
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