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18152RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Country Name Changes thru History

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Jun 3, 2007
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      Martin, I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks.


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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Country Name Changes thru History

      > After rechecking my 1815-1866 map of Central Europe,
      > the Empire of Austria included Bohemia, Moravia, part
      > of Silesia and a small portion of Galicia but NO part
      > of Slovakia. Slovakia north to the Carpathian Mountains
      > was all part of Kingdom of Hungary. The area north of
      > the Carpathian Mountains uu to the Vistula River was all
      > called Galicia, all of which was in Kingdom of Hungary.

      > part of it was in the Republic of Austria and part
      > was in the Kingdom of Hungary

      This is getting quite messy.

      The Kingdom of Hungary _was_ part of the "Empire of Austria" in
      1815-1866 just like the Kingdom of Bohemia, Margraviate of Moravia,
      etc. The Kingdom of Hungary _never_ extended north of even merely the
      main ridge of the Carpathians except two tiny spots in Spis and Orava
      Counties (which were still in the Carpathians). The Kingdom of
      Hungary _never_ included any part of Galicia. The Habsburg Austrian
      monarchy included more than merely the areas listed above.

      Austria was _not_ a republic during that time. _All_ of Slovakia was
      in the Kingdom of Hungary, _no_ part of modern Slovakia was in any
      other Habsburg land.

      > people take it for granted

      I'd add, Vladimir, that it's more often the people than the sources.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu

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