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18133RE: [Slovak-World] Country Name Changes thru History

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Jun 2, 2007
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      Frank, Slovakia never was a protectorate of germany. It was the Czech.


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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Country Name Changes thru History

      There are frequent occasions when folks talk about the origin of their
      ancestors and they use modern day names for the location of origin. Some of
      the names did not come into existence until years after the ancestors
      departed the country of origin and moved on to other countries. The
      following list is the result of my research and I welcome any corrections or

      The information is provided in the order of Effective Date, Country Name,
      Included territories. Your attention to called to the terms Czecho-Slovakia
      and Czechoslovakia. The use of the hyphen or absence of the hyphen changed
      from time to time.

      I would appreciate your assistance in providing corrections or additions.
      Please provide a source or reference for your information.

      1867 to 1918, Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy, Ausgleich of 1867 formed the
      Empire of Austia and Kingdom of Hungary.

      1867, Empire of Austria, Includes Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg,
      Tirol, Vorarlberg, Bohemia, Moravia,Silesia and Galicia.

      1908, Empire of Austria, Austria annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      10/28/1918 to 1920, Czecho-Slovakia, Includes Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

      11/12/1918, Republic of Austria, Name change.

      11/14/1918 to 1920, Czecho-Slovakia, Slovakia added and became a part of

      1919 to 1920, Czecho-Slovakia, Ruthenia added.

      1920 to 1938, Czechoslovakia, Includes Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.

      1938 to 1939, Czecho-Slovakia, Includes Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.

      3/12/1938, Austria, Forcibly absorbed into Nazi Germany's Third Reich.

      3/14/1939, Kingdom of Hungary, Carpatho-Ukraine incorporated into Hungary.

      3/14/1939 to 4/4/1945, Slovak Republic, Slovakia or Slovak State.

      3/16/1939 Republic of Slovakia, Slovakia became a Protectorate of the German

      3/16/1939 to 1945, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Bohemia and Moravia
      (Czech lands incorporated in the German Reich).

      1945 to 1990, Czechoslovakia, Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.

      2/1/1946, Republic of Hungary, Hungary proclaimed a republic.

      8/1949 to 10/23/1989, Communist People's Republic of Hungary, Communist
      control of the republic.
      5/15/1955, Republic of Austria, Full independence by the Austrian State

      8/21/1968, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Warsaw Pact forces occupied

      1990 to 1992, Czecho-Slovakia and Czechoslovakia, Slovak spelling with
      hyphen, Czech spelling without hyphen.

      1/1/1993, Czech Republic, Bohemia and Moravia.

      1/1/1993, Slovakia or Slovak Republic, Slovakia.

      Frank R. Plichta

      Galax, Virginia

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