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17990Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Off Topic - please update on your (US) state's economy

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    May 8, 2007
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      Before making a decision on locating to the US, one
      may want to consider state income taxes:


      --- Paul Guzowski <pauguz@...> wrote:

      > Greetings Claudia and group,
      > Just had to add my two heller's worth on this
      > subject. Before I landed
      > the job in Bratislava, I was competing for a job in
      > San Diego. When I
      > went to www.mysalary.com and compared the value of
      > the salary in
      > Harrisburg, PA, (I actually live in Carlisle) and
      > San Diego, the check
      > said the same salary in San Diego would be worth 43%
      > less! The company
      > I was talking to out there wouldn't offer me
      > anywhere near as much as I
      > would have needed to maintain my standard of living.
      > I might add that
      > South-Central Pennsylvania reminds me a lot of
      > Slovakia in terms of
      > terrain, climatology, and agriculture.
      > I lived in southern California for three years and
      > still have a house
      > there but would not go back. Taxes are high and the
      > cost of living is
      > high, as well. I'd love to be near the mountains
      > again but my wife is
      > tired of cold weather and snow so we are headed for
      > Florida. Florida's
      > economy is strong due to tourism but other sectors
      > are doing well, too.
      > For example, there is a pretty decent hi-tech
      > presence in the Orlando
      > area. The cost of living in the northwest part of
      > the state is quite
      > acceptable, particularly if you live inland from the
      > beach a little bit
      > (which is a good idea anyway in case hurricane comes
      > in that direction).
      > Where I've been looking one can get a decent single
      > family home for
      > $100,000 to $150,000 and a virtual mansion for
      > $300,000--half of what a
      > starter home costs in the metropolitan areas of
      > California.
      > Given all of the above, there are plenty of other
      > places in the country
      > where the cost of living is equally low or even
      > leas. You can get an
      > idea of how the economy in an area is going by
      > checking out the job
      > market in the area. There are many job sites out
      > there but one I have
      > used is http://www.monster.com/ and with it you can
      > search by job
      > category, career field, and area.
      > Just one more opinion but hope it helps.
      > Paul in Bratislava
      > Homebase (for now) in Carlisle, PA

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