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17984Re: [Slovak-World] Settlement of Slovaks in North America.

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  • helene cincebeaux
    May 6, 2007
      I was surprised to find a good sized settlement of
      people of Slovak descent in Seattle and Tacoma in
      Washington State.


      --- Chuck Vrshek <chuckvrshek@...> wrote:

      > Margarete - I think you are correct, but don't
      > forget the Slovaks who settled in the Midwest,
      > particularly Chicago and St. Louis. My grandparents
      > arrived in St. Louis in 1906 and lived in a large
      > Slovak neighborhood with an established Slovak
      > Lutheran Church [1st one west of the Mississippi
      > River]. They moved to the south side of Chicago and
      > lived in a Slovak neighborhood there again for the
      > steel works. Whiting, Indiana on the shores of Lake
      > Michigan also had a large Slovak community, with
      > most of the males working in the steel mills as
      > well. The 22nd Street area west of downtown Chicago
      > was also a big Czech & Slovak community. Cudahay,
      > Wisconsin, had a Slovak community where some worked
      > in the meat packing industry. I'm sure others will
      > respond on the Slovak communities of the Midwest.
      > Good Luck with your project. Chuck Vrshek,
      > Marietta, Georgia. ///
      > modra101 <modra101@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > For those who have extended knowledge of the
      > settlement of Slovaks in
      > North America, I'd like to ask you to take a look at
      > this brief
      > paragraph and tell me if you agree with this. I need
      > it for a writing
      > project and want it to be as correct as possible, of
      > course.
      > "In the United States, many Slovaks settled in
      > Pennsylvania and Ohio
      > with Pittsburgh becoming a major center for American
      > Slovaks, mainly
      > due to the mining and steel works that could employ
      > many unskilled
      > workers. By far the greatest number of Slovaks came
      > from east and
      > north Slovakia, particularly from the regions of
      > Zemplin, Saris, Spis,
      > and Orava [correct accent marks will be placed]. It
      > is said today that
      > almost every family in east Slovakia can claim a
      > relative or
      > descendant in North America."
      > The last sentence came directly from a Slovak who is
      > from Kosice so
      > I'll take his word for it.
      > Thanks,
      > Margarete Hurn Minar
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