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17977Re: Off Topic - please update on your (US) state's economy

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  • Paul Guzowski
    May 4, 2007
      Greetings Claudia and group,
      Just had to add my two heller's worth on this subject. Before I landed
      the job in Bratislava, I was competing for a job in San Diego. When I
      went to www.mysalary.com and compared the value of the salary in
      Harrisburg, PA, (I actually live in Carlisle) and San Diego, the check
      said the same salary in San Diego would be worth 43% less! The company
      I was talking to out there wouldn't offer me anywhere near as much as I
      would have needed to maintain my standard of living. I might add that
      South-Central Pennsylvania reminds me a lot of Slovakia in terms of
      terrain, climatology, and agriculture.
      I lived in southern California for three years and still have a house
      there but would not go back. Taxes are high and the cost of living is
      high, as well. I'd love to be near the mountains again but my wife is
      tired of cold weather and snow so we are headed for Florida. Florida's
      economy is strong due to tourism but other sectors are doing well, too.
      For example, there is a pretty decent hi-tech presence in the Orlando
      area. The cost of living in the northwest part of the state is quite
      acceptable, particularly if you live inland from the beach a little bit
      (which is a good idea anyway in case hurricane comes in that direction).
      Where I've been looking one can get a decent single family home for
      $100,000 to $150,000 and a virtual mansion for $300,000--half of what a
      starter home costs in the metropolitan areas of California.
      Given all of the above, there are plenty of other places in the country
      where the cost of living is equally low or even leas. You can get an
      idea of how the economy in an area is going by checking out the job
      market in the area. There are many job sites out there but one I have
      used is http://www.monster.com/ and with it you can search by job
      category, career field, and area.
      Just one more opinion but hope it helps.

      Paul in Bratislava
      Homebase (for now) in Carlisle, PA
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