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17760Re: Cross the border anywhere

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  • Paul Guzowski
    Mar 28, 2007
      Ahojte Martin et al,
      Yes, Slovakia is in the process of fulfilling the requirements of the
      Schengen agreement and the government recently announced these
      preparations should be complete by sometime in June. Since Slovakia is
      an EU border nation, what this really means is sealing the border with
      Ukraine to the satisfaction of the EU so that unauthorized migration
      cannot occur. Uncontrolled border crossings with Austria and the Czech
      Republic should happen in the beginning of 2008. The borders with
      Hungary and Poland will not be completely free unless they too have met
      the Schengen agreement requirements. Once this process is complete, one
      will only have to endure the border immigration checks upon entering the
      EU the first time and then further travel within the EU will be easy.
      The next step will be entrance to the Euro-zone with adoption of the
      single currency "Euro" in 2009.

      Paul in Bratislava
      Homebase in Carlisle, PA
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