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17676Explosions in Slovakia

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  • Martin Votruba
    Mar 2, 2007
      Agencies call the explosion Slovakia's largest industrial disaster.
      Early reports speak of several dozen injured, perhaps 10 seriously.
      Several people were missing, 2 have been reported dead.


      It seems that rockets or other old ammunitions exploded while they
      were being deactivated in a facility designated for that purpose on
      the outskirts of Novaky. Its employees are civilians. The blast is
      said to have cleared an area the size of four soccer fields. Nothing
      remained of the buildings:


      The town of Novaky is in west-central Slovakia near Bojnice Castle.
      People reported broken windows a mile away, felt the blast up to 8
      miles away. The town also has a large chemical plant but the local
      public announcement system quickly calmed those who feared
      contamination before they learned about the location of the blast.
      Four people died in a mining disaster at Novaky in November last year.



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