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17584Re: Rusyns demand Rusyn in church

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  • Martin Votruba
    Feb 14 9:16 AM
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      > Is Michalovce Rusyn also?

      Thank you Dr. Q, Maxine, Rich, for your kind words. Actually, I
      wondered whether Rich might be able to say more about it -- he's got
      the best information about these topics of anyone I know. Rusyns have
      certainly been in the Michalovce area for hundreds of years. It's not
      easy to be very specific about the more distant past because reports
      about ethnicity become scanty. The earliest survey of the languages
      in the Habsburg monarchy listed Slovak as the major language in
      Michalovce and the surrounding area (roughly, from Trebisov to
      Humenne) in 1772 but that's all. The survey didn't ask about all the
      languages, only about the major (not necessarily majority) language in
      each village.

      The website that Rich has linked to says that the earliest known
      record of the Rusyns in the area comes from 1254, but such Central
      European records rarely tell us anything about when a settlement came
      into existence, only by what year it had already been in place, which
      is the case in this instance, too. (I'm skipping some amateurish
      narration about earlier history at that website.) Those who follow
      the Eastern Christian rite have been the second largest religious
      group in Michalovce (40%-->20%) since at least the 18th century.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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