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17574Re: Rusyns demand Rusyn in church

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  • vchromoho
    Feb 13, 2007
      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "maxine" <maxine96@...> wrote:
      > Hi Martin, You are so knowledgeable, thank you for explaining all
      this to us. Keep up the good work. Maxine
      > Is Michalovce Rusyn also?

      Hi Maxine,

      Let me just jump in and say that I think Martin's summary of Rusyns
      in (Czecho-)Slovakia was superb.

      Before he responds to your question, let me throw out there this
      very interesting article from the website of the Orthodox parish in

      It pretty clearly demonstrates that Rusyns were one of the
      significant ethnic groups who lived in Michalovce and many of the
      surrounding villages. Unfortunately, according to the 2001 census
      statistics, that is no longer the case (of course, the descendants
      of the people who were the local Rusyns are still around; they just
      don't feel anymore that they are Rusyns). Perhaps Martin will refer
      to / summarize this article when he responds to your question.

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