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  • George Sirko
    Dec 30, 2006
      One is probably a typo. They had Czechoslovakia spelled wrong in the entry [Mother: Theresa Felzer b: CA 1898 in Checkoslovakia]Thank you for responding.

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Paul Newman

      Hello Maxine,
      She was of a Roman Catholic family from an ethnically-Slovak
      village, so no, even the most ardent Rusyns among us like Yours
      Truly do not claim Paul Newman or his mother as a Rusyn.
      We have another "bombshell" as far as Rusyn celebrities we've
      discovered, though. Stay tuned!

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      > Hi, I thought I read someplace that Paul N. mother was a Rusyn-is
      that possible? maxine
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      > Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Paul Newman
      > > Fetzer [...] Mother: Theresa Felzer b: CA 1898 in
      > Two different spellings, George, or is one a typo?
      > Newman's biography by Morella and Epstein based on interviews
      > Newman spells his mother's name _Fetsko_, which would correspond
      > the Slovak Fec~ko, Fecko, or Ficko. That appears plausible
      > those names still exist in the Humenne region
      ("Fetzer," "Feltzer" or
      > versions thereof don't).
      > > his mother was Slovakian (Humenne) and practiced Christian
      > The village of Ptic~ie (a borough of Chlmec) 4 miles out of
      > says Newman's ancestors actually came from there, not directly
      > Humenne.
      > Tereza Fecko was brought up Roman Catholic. She converted to
      > Christian Science as an adult.
      > Martin
      > votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu

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