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17238RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Cross the border anywhere

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  • gergely
    Dec 6 4:51 PM
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      I have a feeling that the new rules on EU border crossings will be for EU
      citizens only. I would be surprized if they apply to US citizens. Does
      anyone know for sure?

      Jack Gergely
      Newport News

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      > of papers to cross. This will be great not to have to
      > worry about crossing borders with a rental.

      It remains to be seen, Noreen, whether the rental agencies change
      their policies. An open border does not say anything about that.
      It'll be comparable to the laws about taking liquor across state lines
      in the US -- there's no one to check but that's not to say that it
      must therefore be legal. So, if the rental agencies don't change
      their policies, people will be able to take the cars to a country the
      agency doesn't want them to but it won't be legal and if something
      happens, there may be consequences.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu

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