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17193Re: article about my (Slovak) mother

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Nov 27, 2006
      Hello Danusha,

      First, let me thank you for your generosity in sharing your mother's
      individual experiences. So very little material is available in
      English on life as it was in Upper Hungary and environs. You should
      be commended for not only writing the piece, but sharing it.

      In the course of my genealogy research I continue to make
      generalizations about the past, but have now wisely learned that each
      generalization must be tagged "with exceptions." That's what makes
      your piece so interesting. It's a particular view on society and
      culture both in Slovakia and in America that adds to the knowledgebase
      of immigrants.

      As I went through my Dad's photos of his immigrant mother last night,
      I couldn't help but be taken by your message that when a minority
      immigrant comes to America 100 years ago, they are often overwhelmed
      by the intensity and strangeness of this vastly different culture.
      Even today, as others have noted, our ethnicity is often marginalized
      by descendants who are more concerned with surviving and getting
      ahead. I imagine people thinking "so how does knowing about my past
      help me get ahead in this technological society?" The people I bump
      into in America even today don't hold much onto the past. I feel like
      a loner, and graviate towards groups like this, which seem so large,
      but are actually quite small in relative numbers.

      It's no wonder with this cultural tidal wave that America generates
      that your mother, like my ancestors remained generally quite. Not
      many people frankly care. As insulting as your editor's remarks seem,
      I do believe he speaks the truth; not many people care. Publishing
      books is more about revenue generation than anything else. Nick
      Karas' book "Hunky" would not have been published without this new
      trend of self-publishing. So it does not suprise me you had such a

      While I deal with these cold facts, I feel like the Olympic torch
      bearer - someone has to carry the flame forward. You are the family
      historian and the cultural communicator. Do not be discouraged,
      continue your quest. Electronic communication is inherently flawed in
      bringing through intonation and intent; I try not to read too deeply
      into comments that may have been quickly jotted without reflection.
      Many a time I wished I hadn't pushed the "send" button too quickly.

      Again, my thanks and congratulations on a fine article. I hope there
      are more where that one came from :o)

      Bill Tarkulich

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      > Dear Folks,
      > Link below to an article about my (Slovak)
      > mother.
      > http://www.codypublishing.com/goska/slovakwoman.html
      > Danusha
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