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17029Re: As usual, help needed

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  • Martin Votruba
    Nov 2, 2006
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      > Rest of this sentence reads "lem neviem c^i sa (next word
      > is written over several times so the best I can make out is
      > "c^o" mnore niekto zahrava" I don't get this one at all.
      > Next sentence is a pistol also. I get that she
      > hears voices and could it be noise in her ears and they
      > don't allow her to sleep. It continues "To je niec^o
      > elektricke a tak si na mna sadli chcu ma znic^it" I get
      > from this that this is something electric

      It may not be encouraging, Pavel. "... but I wonder whether
      someone's playing games with me [...] It's something electrical
      and that way they put upon me and want to destroy me."


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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