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17028Re: [Slovak-World] As usual, help needed

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Nov 1, 2006
      Dear Pavel,
      -Podzamok means "Under the castle"
      - mne sa len tak pozdava ze neprezije Vianoc; I just have a hunch that he will not survive Christmas
      - she is visiting him every Sunday, but this time it won't go till his birthday.
      The rest is very confusing. It would be better to write only what stands there, whithout comments.

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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] As usual, help needed

      Dear friends,

      I received a letterr from my wife's sestranica bringing some bad news but I
      need some help to get the full gist. This woman lives in Myjava and her
      brother in PodBranc^.

      She said that he no longer lives "na podramku" What is "podramku"? I don't
      have that word in my slovnik and I'm not 100% sure of the spelling. I'm
      caught on the old problem of not being able to fathom some of their writing.
      She put him in a "penziu" in S^enica and one cannot understand his speech. Of
      course, I suspect a stroke at this point as he has not been a healthy person
      for most of his life and he is in his early 60s at this point.

      Second problem - mne sa lem (next word looks like hak or tak or kak) pozdava
      z^e neprez^ije Vianoc. What I get is that he is telling me that he won't
      live till Christmas. Is that right?

      Then she says that she goes to see him every other Sunday. Next sentence
      throws me as it looks like "Teraz mi to (I think it's "to" or it could be "ho")
      nevide az^ (next word looks like ty or ky) jeho narodeniny". I don't quite
      get this unless it's something like it looks to me as if he won't see his

      Next sentence throws me completely. From what I can read it's (Ja sa mam
      ako (again that word hak or tak but I think it's tak thus making the sentence
      that "I am so-so". Rest of this sentence reads "lem neviem c^i sa (next word
      is written over several times so the best I can make out is "c^o" mnore
      niekto zahrava" I don't get this one at all.

      Next sentence is a pistol also. "Poc^ujem hlasy or maybe it's klasy a
      s^us^tanie v us^och a c^ini or c^inu vic c^o mi neda ani zaspat" I get that she
      hears voices and could it be noise in her ears and they don't allow her to
      sleep. It continues "To je niec^o elektricke a tak si na mna sadli chcu ma
      znic^it" I get from this that this is something electric and thus something is
      trying to kill me.

      That's about it. I know it's a lot this time but I'd appreciate the help.
      It's funny but when they type their letters I don't have too much trouble
      reading and translating them except for a word here and there but their rukopis
      throws me every time.

      Thank you very much for your help.


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