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16844Slovakia: explosion in a house inhabited by Roma

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  • cvargacvarga
    Oct 7, 2006
      Slovakia: explosion in a house inhabited by Roma was obviously intentional criminal act

      Explosion damaged a family house bought and reconstructed by a Roma family from
      Krežmarok, in municipality K?ížová Ves, yesterday early in the morning. Family of seven
      members was to move into the exploded house. This is already second case of explosion of
      Roma's family houses in course of a few months. Burst happened in cellar of yet uninhabited
      house. Unknown perpetrator poured cellar with a combustible that he set on fire afterwards.
      Consequently, explosion of cumulated exhalations happened. Damage has been estimated to
      160.000 Czech crowns the least. Poprad´s police investigator began criminal prosecution of
      public imperilment. "Coexistence of Roma and non-Roma people in the village is quite
      tensioned, because most of the Roma living there are not able to adjust themselves to the
      others. Nonetheless, it is very unfortunate to solve the matters this way. It only increases the
      tension and coexistence becomes even more complicated," stated provost of the village.
      There are 1755 citizens living in the village out of which 1242 are of the Roma origin.

      Source: www.rpa.sk