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16558Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Driving

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  • J. Michutka
    Aug 16 1:40 PM
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      At 07:37 PM 8/16/2006 +0000, you wrote:
      > I would be leaving on 25 August. As for the route - whatever the
      >most direct, best highway between Blava and SNV is the way I would like
      >to go.

      I have an extra Podrobny Auto Atlas from 2002 that I'd be happy to send
      you. It is slightly out of date (some new highways/construction), but it
      will do you until you find a new 2006 one (it took us a few days to get a
      new one). Only condition is, if you do end up getting a new one, you
      eventually pass the older one on to someone else who can use it (even if it
      becomes really out-of-date for driving, which I don't foresee, it's
      detailed enough to be great for genealogy).

      If you'd like it, email me (jmm@...) and I'll pop it in the mail
      tomorrow; it should get to you in time.

      OH!-- I keep forgetting to mention this when we talk about driving in
      Slovakia--they don't have yellow lines down the center of the road like we
      do, to indicate separation of lanes of opposing directions of traffic--it's
      just white lines. It kept bugging me, 'cause to us it looks like it's just
      separating lanes going in the same direction.

      Julie Michutka
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