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16513A BIG favor - will someone review this Slovak message?

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  • Bob and Elsa Pendleton
    Jul 31, 2006
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      The folks in this group are so helpful, we feel we can ask for a large favor. We're planning a trip to Slovakia this Fall, to try to find relatives.
      We have put together a message -- the message for Gregorovce appears below, first in Slovak, then in English -- which we would like to prepare with many copies, to give to people in Sarisske Sokolovce and Gregorovce.

      If somebody would read through and let us know what needs to be corrected -- or give any other comments or advice -- we'd greatly appreciate your help.

      Bob and Elsa

      Ja som Robert Pendleton. Tu je moja manzelka Elsa, a moja sesternica Marilyn Burke, a moj bratanec Thomas Kuchta.

      Pýtame nás predoci. Janos Hopko sa narodil v Gregorovce v roku 1873. Bol moj stary otec a bol stary otec Marilyn. Jeho otec bol Janos Hopko a jeho matka bol Maria Bodnar. Mál pät sestry a dva braty. Videl sme záznami krstí. Vieme, ze dve sestry a dva braty isli do Ameriky. Janos Hopko sa ozenil v Passaic, New Jersey, s Anna Jurus Sarissky Sokolovce.

      Chceme stretnút sa obyvatelsta dediny. Kto pozna Hopko, Bodnar, Simko, Tomecsko, Tomko, Peltova, Koszuszek?

      Aj chceme navstívit cintorína a kostola.

      Mame dar pre dedinu. Je kniha s diagramov Janosov potomoci s fotografiami.

      I am Robert Pendleton. Here is my wife Elsa, and my cousin Marilyn Burke, and my cousin Thomas Kuchta.

      We are inquiring about our ancestors. Janos Hopko was born in Gregorovce in the year 1873. He was my grandfather and Marilyn's grandfather. His father was Janos Hopko and his mother was Maria Bodnar. He had five sisters and two brothers. We have seen records of baptisms. We know, that two sisters and two brothers went to America. Anna Jurus married in Passaic, New Jersey, Janos Hopko of Gregorovce.

      We want to meet the people in the village. Who knows Hopko, Bodnar, Simko, Tomecsko, Tomko, Peltova, Koszuszek?

      Also we want to visit the cemetery and the church.

      We have a gift for the village. It is a book with a chart of the descendants Janos Hopko with photographs.

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