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16509Re: Spelling of my name

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  • J. Michutka
    Jul 30, 2006
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      My sister and I couldn't wait to get to Slovakia, where finally! everyone
      would pronounce our name correctly. (Sister ended up not being able to go
      with me, alas.) So what happened? The anglicization of Mic^utka is
      Michutka, and -ch- in English is pronounced one way and -ch- in Slovak is
      pronounced another. Hotel clerks would look at my reservation or passport,
      and say "Mrs. Mi-hoot-kah"......as I grit my teeth and corrected them as
      politely as I could. A surprise and disappointment on that first trip!

      I can't change my documents, but when writing or giving my name in
      Slovakia, I now use the Slovak spelling, complete with -ova.

      Julie Michutka, aka Julia Mic^utkova
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