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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Jul 5, 2006
      Dear Bill,
      Very well. You have already checked all this and did not find more than his birth. The only thing you can do about him is to check the surrounding parishes for his marriage. There is a slim chance that you find him, checking Spisske Podhradie and Spisske Vlachy.
      If this fails, then you have to go one generation back, take children from there and follow them to the present time. Although you have births for Zehra only till 1896, there are marriages till 1948 and you can research only marriages to get to your relatives.
      There is nothing like "something" in the archive. There are church records and 1869 Census, which you cal also check.

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      From: ssultonia
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 4:02 AM
      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Levoca Archives

      Excellent! That's just what I was looking for. That is all great
      information and I thank you. I have done a lot of film research
      through the LDS but there is one particular child of my
      great-great-grandfather who just disappears after his birth record. I
      have not been able to find a marriage, confirmation or death record.
      He was born in Petrovce (Grancs-Petrovce)House Nr. 12 in 1854 but I
      cannot find anything after that. I have a copy of his birth/baptism
      record from the microfilm. The birth and baptism were performed at or
      by a priest from Zsegra. He could be the key to establishing direct
      links to families still living in Slovakia. I am hoping there might be
      something in the archives to help solve this problem. I doubt that I
      will be dragging a laptop with me but will have lots of note paper and
      genealogy family history forms to use.
      Many thanks again!

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      > Dear Bill,
      > Very good.
      > Right when you enter the archive on the first floor, wait till the
      lady at the entrance ( behind the window) will give you the key for
      your locker and lead you into the study room. There are people there
      who speak enough english.
      > You have to tell the parish, religion and what years etc, you would
      like to see and they will bring you films. Make notes what is on each
      film, so you will find this fast in case you will order more than one
      film. The contents of the films are detailed in a book called
      "Inventar", which they will show you.
      > In some cases, you can have either a negative or positive film. For
      taking photos you have to ask for permission.
      > For each "Book" you have studied on film you have to pay a 50 Sk Tax
      stamp, which can be bought in a small newspaper shop not far from the
      > You will go and buy them after they will tell you how many you need.
      This will be at the end of the day, at 14.30 hours, so you will have
      time to fetch them before they close.
      > But, before you will do anything, you will have to fill your
      registration form which will be given to you. It is called "
      Badatelsky list".
      > Make written notes rather than direct entry into notebook. Written
      notes will be later a good reference for you to see what have you
      found in what order when looking for what and where. You can enter all
      this later into PC. Direct entry requires more time an the entry is
      not so easy later to find.
      > By making written notes you can make all sorts of remarks on paper,
      which is not so fast with PC and not so transparent at a glance.
      > It is important to have an overview over your search process like:
      > " Looking for birth of ..., from 1885 backwards" and there you then
      note everything you find of interest in same order as you found it.
      Always note where you stopped search, so in case of neccessity you
      will know what you already have checked and what not.
      > When looking for a particular person, it is advisable to note all
      others, who have the same surname too. They may later turn out to be
      members of your family too.
      > Do not understimate marriages. They signify a "birth" of a family,
      which is the basic element of the structure and where the new life begins.
      > Do not jump from one birth to another birth ( i.e. son, father,
      grandfather) skipping marriages. Always go ( birth, marriage, birth,
      > I have seen too many doing this mistake.
      > Have a system, otherwise you soon can get lost.
      > 1. Following one line as far back as possible goes : birth,
      marriage, birth.marriage
      > 2.Then you can look for all children from one marriage upwards to
      get all siblings.
      > 3. Add 15 years to the date of birth of the oldest child and from
      that date look for marriages of siblings onwards.
      > 4.After you have all marriages you can again look for children and
      so on as long as there are records. In this way you can have some
      basis for looking for living relatives, in case you are interested.
      > 5.If you find a widow or a widower getting married, from that date
      backwards immediately look for the death of the spouse, just to
      confirm that you have the right person. Namely, with widows or
      widowers, there are no parents listed.
      > 6. Generally, deaths are being searched after you have all persons
      of interest. Otherwise you will have to go through death records
      several times and this is time consuming.
      > 7. With marriages you will find a note that some parents of the
      spouses were deceased at the time of marriage. Make a note that this
      parent died bef month/year, which will save you some searching time.
      > 8. If you will be there for more than one day, in your hotel you
      enter all found data, make a new tree and a new plan for the next day
      with priorities.
      > 9.Going backwards you will arrive at marriage, where no parents will
      be listed. You know that at a given time there could have been more
      than one person with the same name. If there is age given, you still
      have the chance to identify him by checking births in a time window
      +/- 3 years around the calculated birth year, where you will see if
      more than one with such name were born. To pin him/her down you will
      then have to see, whether some of them did not dies as infants and
      whether all or not have got married. This is the area where
      assumptions begin. This will be left to your judgement.
      > 10. If no age is given at marriage, you can get the approx year of
      birth by finding it's death record ( spouse of.... )will confirm that
      you have the right person.
      > Maybe this is too much, but alter on you will see, it is all very
      aplicable, so try to fully understand the logic.
      > With best regards,
      > Vladimir
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      > From: ssultonia
      > To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:20 AM
      > Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Levoca Archives
      > Vladimir,
      > Thank you. I will be alone and by nature I am unobtrusive and quiet
      > as a church mouse. I lived in Europe for many years so I am
      > comfortable in such surroundings. I should only be carrying my
      > notebook and notes as my bags will be in the hotel. On any given day
      > would there be anyone in the archives who speaks English?
      > Thanks.
      > Bill
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > My only advice; Keep quiet.
      > > Almost always when Americans come, they come two or three at the
      > time and they chat and comment all the time. You will be in a research
      > room where quiet must be kept.
      > > Another interesting observation; people come with bags( which
      > actually have to be kept outside in lockers) and perform a "zipper"
      > concerto for free.
      > > Vladimir
      > >
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      > > From: ssultonia
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      > > Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 5:38 AM
      > > Subject: [Slovak-World] Levoca Archives
      > >
      > >
      > > During my trip in late August I plan to visit the regional
      archives in
      > > Levoca. If anyone has done research there and can offer advice it
      > > would be very much appreciated. Hopefully someone working at the
      > > archives will speak English.
      > > Thanks,
      > > Bill
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