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  • memzommi1@aol.com
    Mar 5, 2006
      Thank you so much for all your information. What you have told me really
      clarifies alot. I believe that my grandmother was Catholic and changed to
      Lutheran for my grandfather which was very upsetting to her family. But one must
      understand that she came to America alone at 16 through Ellis Island and
      when she settled in Garfield, New Jersey and met my grandfather he was a member
      of the church there and she married him there. Whether he was Catholic at
      first I do not know but the Trinity Lutheran Church on Palisades Avenue,
      Garfield, New Jersey was having Slovak services and since the churches are very
      similar in belief he could have just gone to that church or not be able to have
      the service in Slovak anywhere else. Or he originally was Lutheran in
      Czechoslovakia, I do not know. I would have to talk more to my Aunt Mary who is
      92. Do you know if the Sabanos family in Hanusovce are Lutheran or Catholic?
      Thank you so much again. Marianne

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