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14896OT: Russian connection

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  • J. Michutka
    Feb 5, 2006
      Sorry to be off-topic, but I know that at least a couple of you have done
      Russian research.

      My great-grandmother's second husband was Russian and no relation to me
      (they had no children together), but he was the man that my dad's family
      knew and loved as "granddad". I just had my big breakthrough on him today,
      I finally found him in the Ellis Island database and now know that he had
      some connection with "Kremanssi Minsk Russia" (that first word was only

      I've never done Russian research. Would someone who is knowledgeable about
      Russian genealogical research recommend a starting point for me--a good
      general website, on-line group, whatever. Please reply to me privately, as
      this won't be of much interest to the rest of the list.

      Thanks for any help!

      Julie Michutka