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  • Andrea Vangor
    Dec 5, 2005
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      Hey, we do that in Olympia, Washington. There are several artesian wells around the city, one in a public parking lot downtown. People congregate by car, bike, and foot to fill their containers from a gushing ice-cold flow out of a pipe. Me too, when I am in the neighborhood.

      "It's the Water" used to be the slogan of the now-defunct Olympia Beer Co. I wonder why artesian wells occur in some places. Slovakia must sit on some interesting aquifers, considering that they have rare cold-water geysers.
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      On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, Helen Fedor wrote:

      > My family lives near Slanec (my father's family came from Slanske Nove Mesto), in a little village that has a spring (comes out of a pipe in a little cement wall). My cousin's wife said that they use their "plumbed" water for cooking, washing, etc., but that she bikes down to the spring with a few plastic jugs to get the spring water for drinking.
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