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  • Tom Flynn
    Dec 5, 2005
      On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, Helen Fedor wrote:

      > My family lives near Slanec (my father's family came from Slanske Nove Mesto), in a little village that has a spring (comes out of a pipe in a little cement wall). My cousin's wife said that they use their "plumbed" water for cooking, washing, etc., but that she bikes down to the spring with a few plastic jugs to get the spring water for drinking.
      > H
      > >>> trflynn@... 12/05/05 9:22 AM >>>
      Thank you, Helen, that's probably where he went for water (somehow I
      thought there'd be a spring in Slanec, without having gone there, though we
      passed it on the road to Zemplinska Teplica from Kosice)
      I have a "cousin" (my Grandfather's brother's Great Grandson) whose Mother
      is from Slanec, unfortunately, I don't know her maiden name. The "cousin"
      stayed with us for 4 months with his girlfriend (now wife) during the
      summer between his 4th and 5th years at University, before he graduated, 2
      years ago, where they worked for a local resturant. Not sure, but maybe
      other people from Slanec (I know of some from Secovce) that we're somehow
      related to.

      Tom Flynn
      I speak only for myself
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