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  • Martin Votruba
    Dec 5 8:58 AM
      > It might have been at the spring lower down (closer to the
      > road) that we stopped...I remember being on that same road
      > on a previous trip

      Yes, Tom, the mineral spring is quite well known today because it's on
      the main route between Bratislava and Presov/Kosice, under 10 miles
      east of Levoca near Spis Castle. And indeed, you cannot see the
      chapel and new-fangled geyser from the spring where passers-by get the
      water, you'd have to climb about 160 ft. One of Slovakia's most
      popular mineral waters comes from the village of Baldovce only 2 miles
      away. They started bottling and selling it about 200 years ago.

      The warm springs at your ancestral Teplica are mineralized, too, but
      people have traditionally not been too enthusiastic about warm springs
      when they wanted drinking water. The name of the nearby _Slanec_ that
      you mention is related to "salt/salty" and indicated springs and
      places where people would make salt by boiling mineralized water (a
      slanec could also be the person who did it). Thee were plans for
      Kosice to tap the geothermal water in the region for central heating,
      but I don't know how far the project has progressed, if at all.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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