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13998[Slovak-World] Re: Lost Recipe

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  • Helen Fedor
    Dec 1, 2005
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      I finally reached our Turkish area specialist here at LC. He says that modern Turkish uses a word pronounced "sha-PO" (from the French "chapeau") for hat, although Turkish has "kal-PAK" (just like the Russians) for a special kind of fur hat. It comes from somewhere in Asia.

      I asked him about loks~a and he said that there's a word pronounced "LAH-ma-dzhan" in Turkish that's a type of pancake traditionally served with ground meat on it.


      >>> votrubam@... 12/01/05 10:49 AM >>>
      > Turkish words in our dialect, including "kalap"
      > (instead of klobuk) and "teps~a"

      They are used in other Slovak dialects, too (also: t~aps~a). Both
      exist in Hungarian in the same meaning and probably reached Slovak
      from Hungarian. Loksa, too, probably came through another language,
      not directly from a Turkish dialect (but it's not quite clear that
      that's the origin).

      I know it's _tepsi_ both in Hungarian and Turkish; and _kalap_, "hat,"
      in Hungarian. What Turkish word did _kalap_ come from?

      BTW, _c~iapka_, "hat," is from Turkish via Hungarian (the word means
      "hat" and is pronounced [shapka] both in Hungarian and Turkish).


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu


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