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13783RE: [Slovak-World] Re: LDS records

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  • Gregory J Kopchak
    Nov 2, 2005
      Needing to transliterate AND translate can be a pain.

      It's interesting that 10 years ago I requested a birth certificate
      from the Slovak Archive and got a "Not Found" message from them.

      When the LDS records for Slovakia were done, I did find the
      record I was looking for right where it should have been but the
      name was in Cyrillic letters.

      The clerk at the Slovak Archive was looking for English style letters.

      Greg Kopchak
      It's All Relative

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      > They do not transcribe the records, they microfilm them. So you are
      seeing a microfilm copy of the original record. Records are often in
      Latin, sometimes Hungarian, sometimes (esp more recent ones) Slovak.
      I've seen Slovak Jewish records in German and either Yiddish or Hebrew
      (used Hebrew script).<

      If the records are for what is now NE and E Slovakia, you can also find
      records in Rusyn (or perhaps Church Slavonic), which use the Cyrillic
      alphabet. Reading cursive Cyrillic can get you to cursing at times.


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