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  • Andrea Vangor
    Nov 1, 2005
      This is the beginning of a long article in the Nov. 1 newsletter from Ancestry.com. Let me know if anyone wants the rest posted. It's pretty good. Although I don't know if I like being "discovered"!

      Surfing for Slovak Ancestors, Part I
      by Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.

      Today nearly two million Americans claim Slovak ancestry. This vast number is not surprising since some 620,000 Slovaks came to America during the years of mass migration (1875-1914), making them one of the largest groups to come to our shores. With so many of us having Slovak roots, it is no wonder that the interest in Slovak genealogy has greatly increased over the past several years. While this article focuses on examples from my Slovak research, the resources listed can be helpful with other ethnicities as well.

      It used to be that if you were searching for ancestors from the "Heart of Europe" you could count on a long, arduous process, limited or highly restricted access to records, and other obstacles. When I began my own research some fifteen years ago, sites such as Google, Ancestry.com, and the Ellis Island Database did not exist, and online catalogs for the Family History Library (FHL) and the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) were not available. The field of genealogy has certainly come a long way since then. It is also no coincidence that the Internet has opened the doors for many Slovak genealogists.

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