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13767Re: Predvec^er sviatku Vs^etkých svätých

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  • sandman6294
    Oct 31, 2005
      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "Martin Votruba" <votrubam@y...>
      > > How do you say BOO in Slovak
      > Actually, there is no such standard word in Slovak, RU. To
      say "boo"
      > to a goose, for example, it's _hes~_, but Slovak has no
      > "institutionalized" word to scare someone. You just make a loud
      > [AAAaaa!], [BWAaah!], [HAAAaa!], [HOO], something like that.

      I think boo in the US is now primarily used by and for young children
      with the adults using screams and the other sounds you mentioned.

      > Nevertheless, Halloween has been making fast, commerce-driven
      inroads> into Slovak culture in the past 10 years. It was completely
      unknown> earlier. O Wind, if Halloween comes, can _boo_ be far

      Have they gotten to the "Trik alebo(hostit'?)" stage yet?

      >....Nov. 1, "All Saints' Day," is one of Slovakia's 15 national
      holidays (= days off work mandated by the law).


      > Nov. 2 is colloquially called Dus~ic~ky (dear/little souls),
      formally Pamiatka zosnulych (commemoration of the passed away), but
      it's not a
      > designated holiday.

      Thanks Martin.

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