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13215Re: OT Is everyone OK after Katrina?

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  • amiak27
    Aug 31 6:13 AM
      Thanks for the report, Jim. Glad to hear you came through so well.
      Reading you experience makes it all a lot more personal.


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      > > Date: 2005/08/30 Tue PM 09:09:16 CDT
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      > > Subject: [Slovak-World] OT Is everyone OK after Katrina?
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      > Hi S-W,
      > That question will bring out this 'lurker'. [ I was formerly
      active on the "Old S-W" in the late '90's. ]
      > Yes, I'm Ok, but a hugh number others are not! I'm in Pensacola
      (of Hurricane Ivan and Dennis fame!) where we caught the far eastern
      edge of Katrina. I'm doing great now. Below is the "status" msg
      I sent to family.
      > Jim Hazuga, Sr. in Pensacola FL at: mailto:hazu8595@b...
      > Searching for: HAZUGA and spelling variations such as
      > HAZUKA, HAZUDA, HAZUPA, etc. who emigrated from, or near,
      > Nagy Dobra, (Hungary) Slovakia. I have over 200 baptism (birth),
      > marriage, and death records for the period 1764-1911. Ask me!
      > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      > Katrina was a piece of cake! .... for me in Pensacola at least.
      But I'm sure
      > glad I wasn't in places like Gulfport, Biloxi MS or New Orleans.
      That was
      > some EXTREEM stuff over there. Worse than our Ivan last Fall.
      > For me it was easy. Sunday I did my yard clean up and bought a few
      > groceries. I'd gotten two five gal cans of gas the day before;
      That was a
      > bit of challenge.............After finding a station with gas,
      waited in line
      > 15 mins and then could get only premium gas.
      > Lost power at 3:30am Monday............Seems way too early. It
      > valiently 5 or six times to return, but got knowed off in seconds.
      By 8am,
      > over 80,000 homes were without power in Escambia County. Some are
      still out today, Tuesday.
      > Early Monday morning it was overcast with occassional rain, but by
      > it got quite dark, plus more rain. Wind got rougher too.....still
      from the
      > East. About 11am the wind started to shift toward the ESE and get
      > About this time my neighbor came over to start my power generator.
      When we
      > went through the laundry room door to the garage, I got a shock.
      My garage
      > door was UP! And raining in! It must have been open ever since we
      > those power fluctuations back at 3:30am!
      > I then set up three lines. One to bedroom for my breathng
      equipment and a
      > light, one to the garage door opener, and one to kitchen for
      > computer, cordless phone, and a TV.
      > Then I went back to sleep from 2 to 6pm. Woke up to learn that
      power was
      > back on! Still blowing like crazy, and now coming from the south,
      but the
      > world was right-side-up again as far as I was concerned........I
      > electric! Did all my electrical disconnects / change backs, but
      will leave
      > the cord roll-up till Tuesday. Left the generator running because
      I wanted to
      > run it dry before putting it back in storage.
      > About 8:30pm, I got a knock at front door. There was the Fire
      Dept, about 4
      > guys, lights flashing and all. They were checking to see if I had
      > monoxided myself. Turns out a neighbor had stopped by to check on
      me while I
      > was sleeping and couldn't rouse me.....and feared the worst. While
      the fireman
      > was talking with me at the door, he was also extending his arm
      into the room
      > with a CO detector. Came up clean! So I owe a "thank you" to
      someone out
      > there for worrying.
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