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1315Re: [Slovak-World] Detective work for Helene

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  • helenezx@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2003
      In a message dated 3/1/3 5:29:10 PM, jmm@... writes:

      << But you know what........perfumes,
      aftershaves, etc will set off my allergies in a hurry, make me miserable,
      and even lead to a migraine. I may wince at the body odors during my first
      few days in Europe, but the body odor never ever sets off my allergies. >>

      Julie - i agree 100%

      would much rather have a natural odor than some of the modern perfumes which
      have something in them that hangs in the air and makes me violently allergice
      and gives a choking feeling.

      Did you know that there was a group in san francisco that handed out cards -
      initials were an abbreviation of something like Save Our Air Society - you
      got them to give out to offenders. Some people just reek of perfume or
      aftershave and the worst is stewardesses who bathe in it - in such a confined
      space - it's awful.

      i have difficulty walking down the soap aisle in the supermarket and duty
      free shops make me wild - saves money since i can't stay in them long due to
      the scents.

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