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  • gergely
    Jul 30, 2005
      Great, that's what all of my family is/was.
      Even if I have a Magyar name.

      Jack Gergely

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      "Yak sa mas^" is not slovak and is not polish.
      It is rusyn dialekt spoken in some eastern slovak
      viliages. It is means How are you. In slovak language
      is "Ako sa mas^"


      --- Peggy <mleva@...> wrote:

      > At 07:54 AM 7/30/2005, you wrote:
      > >Yak sa mas^,was common when I was a kid in SW PA,
      > but somehow, I always
      > >thought it was Polish.
      > >Live and learn.
      > >
      > >Jack Gergely
      > Jack, so did I think that Yak sa mas was polish. I
      > grew up in Phila., Pa.
      > and I would always say it to the pani ladies living
      > in the multi ethnic
      > neighborhood I grew up in.
      > Peggy

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