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12950Re: Proverb for Thursday

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  • Martin Votruba
    Jul 28, 2005
      > "byt' ako cumlik"
      > lit.: to be like a [baby's] pacifier ????????

      Authors of dictionaries make use of other dictionaries published
      earlier. My guess is that this phrase was picked up from a
      Czech--English source, or that its use is highly regional in the
      author's area (Trnava, whose dialect is closer to Czech than most
      other varieties of Slovak). It's _jak cumel_ and fairly common as an
      idiom in Czech, but I think that the Czech idiomatic meaning (as
      opposed to the literal one "[used] as/like a [baby's] pacifier" that
      you give, Helen) is practically non-existent in Slovak.

      > "Remeslo ma zlate dno"
      > lit.: A craft has a golden base
      > A little elucidation, Martin?

      I think many Slovaks would recognize this one, but its meaning is
      just historical today. _Dno_ is "the bottom [of a vessel/body of
      water]," so it's like "there's a gold bottom [line] to knowing a
      craft." The message was that craftsmanship, manufacturing was more
      profitable than farming.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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