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1286Re: [Slovak-World] Detective work for Helene

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  • Claudia Medvik
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Even new immigrants to the US sometimes, excuse the term, reek of garlic that seems to come right thru their very skin itself. And if I recall, one of the old timers interviewed in the Slovakian mountains claimed it was lucky to start the new year with eating several cloves of garlic. He was following age old wisdom. Herbal medicine today declares garlic as powerful in some ways as an antibiotic, for it does invade every part of the body right thru to the skin. General Grant of the Union Army wouldn't move his troops anywhere during the American Civil War without a sufficient supply of garlic. Smelly though the side effect is, you use what works!

      Even now some brands of vitamins peddle 'odor free' garlic to scent conscious Americans!

      Unfortunately for me I was raised in a garlic and onion free house (my mother had gall bladder problems and had to keep to a special diet) and now even the most modest amount of either eaten will give me unbearable indigestion. Perhaps I could have really used it, for I was chronically sick with strep throat and tonsillitis as a child and ingested more straight penicillin, in shots and liquid form, than most people do their whole lives. I can tell its smell and taste still. Who knows what a little garlic might have done to help, smell or no smell?

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      From: J. Michutka
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      >Most americans would shun our forefathers, who bathed once a week and did
      >not use
      >deodorants and perfumed soaps, even though they worked very hard and sweat

      And I still encounter people reeking of body odor in Europe; sometimes
      grubby, sometimes not but just sweaty. But you know what........perfumes,
      aftershaves, etc will set off my allergies in a hurry, make me miserable,
      and even lead to a migraine. I may wince at the body odors during my first
      few days in Europe, but the body odor never ever sets off my allergies.

      Julie Michutka

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