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1285Pressure Relief was Re: [Slovak-World] Detective work for Helene

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  • Jan Lan
    Mar 1, 2003
      At 11:09 AM 3/1/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      >Most americans would shun our forefathers, who bathed once a week and did
      >not use
      >deodorants and perfumed soaps, even though they worked very hard and sweat

      I can understand this where it is the norm for cultural or economic reasons
      but to carry the practice into our current society is pushing it. In the
      50's I worked in a lab with a young (late 20's) Displaced Person from
      Ukraine. It was almost impossible to work within a couple of feet of
      him. I've been around working people all my life and, yes we went down
      into the basement on Saturday nights to light off the hot water tank for
      our weekly bath, but we also washed up each day. By the way, if you ever
      forgot to turn off the hot water tank after bathing, you could get a very
      nasty surprise in the middle of the night. To my knowledge, there was no
      pressure relief valve on the tank.

      The men were not exempt from the sanitary practices described for the
      women. As has been said on this list in the past, men in Slovakia, even
      today, have an affinity for studying bushes (with their backs to the public
      of course). I even observed an elderly (sober) man in Levoca stop for a
      moment of contemplation between parked cars near the square. I guess the
      only rule for men in this area was you just didn't face into a stiff wind
      when you stopped for the "pause that refreshes."


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