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12799Re: [Slovak-World] Moravia

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  • Dr. Joe Q
    Jul 4, 2005
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      Dear Fr. Andrei,

      There is no correction only controversy. The Czech /
      o / Slovakia "forced union" is well known. You have
      brought up a not very well even agreed upon subject -
      Silesia. A territory that cut across present day
      Czech Republic, Germany, or Poland. Even those who
      lived there made a distinction between Upper and Lower

      Can provide us with some enlightenment?

      Thank you.

      Dr. "Q"

      --- andreialexiev <Andrei424@...> wrote:

      > Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that when the
      > Czechoslovak
      > state was founded,Moravia-Silesia was one of the
      > four regions, the
      > others being Bohemia,Slovakia, and Sub-Carpatian
      > Rus'.It was also
      > proposed that the new state have a common border
      > with the other new
      > Slavic state Yugoslavia.They were supposed to split
      > the Austrian
      > region of Burgenland between them, but nothing came
      > of that proposal.

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