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  • andreialexiev
    Jul 3, 2005
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      Andrea, My sourse for this info. is 'Historical Atlas of East
      Central Europe" by Paul Robert Magocsi. I quote from page 127,"The
      Treaty of Trianon also confirmed the cession of the Burgenland to
      Austria, which had already appeared as a clause in the earlier
      Treaty of Saint Germain.Austria had originally asked the Paris
      peacemakers to conduct a plebiscite in the area,but Czechoslovakia
      argued that the Burgenland should be divided between itself and
      Yugoslavia, and therefore serve as a corridor between the two
      new "Slavic" states.Czechoslovakia's request was rejectecd, however,
      and in the face of communist rule in Hungary, the peacemakers simply
      assigned the Burgenland to Austria."In my opinion, maybe if Croatia
      and Slovenia had joined with the Czechs and Slovaks INSTEAD of with
      the Serbs, some of the unfortunate ethnic conflict could havee been
      avoided.I also have information from a Russian emigre paper from
      South America about a White Russian officer,Vojcechovsky,later a
      General in the Czechoslovak Army.In 1938, he urged Benes to take on
      Hitler, but ,as we know, this didn't happen(Vojcechovsky retired,
      after WWII, the Sovits captured him and shipped him to the USSR,
      where he died in a prison camp in 1954,if anyone on this board wants
      to hear about it,I'll dig up the paper, and translate it into
      English.Just think, had Hitler been defeated in 1938, then there
      wouldn't have been a Holocast, and even if Slovakia had still
      seperated, the issue of Slovak Jews been sent to the camps wouldn't
      have existed. Fr. Andrei--- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea
      Vangor" <drav@o...> wrote:
      > Time to get out the Kirschbaum and check this. I don't remember
      hearing anything about it before. What an intriguing idea, and a
      Magyar's worst Pan-Slavic nightmare: contiguous Slavic states on
      the territory of Greater Hungary.
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      > Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that when the
      > state was founded,Moravia-Silesia was one of the four regions,
      > others being Bohemia,Slovakia, and Sub-Carpatian Rus'.It was
      > proposed that the new state have a common border with the other
      > Slavic state Yugoslavia.They were supposed to split the Austrian
      > region of Burgenland between them, but nothing came of that
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