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12348Re: [Slovak-World] Slovak Roman Catholic Prayer meets Rusyn Prayer

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  • Dr. Joe Q
    May 4, 2005
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      Punch board is a "game of chance", there is a thick
      (about 1/2 to 5/8 inche) piece of cardboard about 4 x
      6 inches with rows of holes covered with thin paper.
      In each hole (about 1/8" in diameter) is a small
      rolled piece of paper with a number on it. You pay
      something like 25 cents and punch a strip of paper.
      You get the number of quarters back that on the paper.
      Of course there are not many winning papers and the
      house always makes money because there is not a 100%

      Veryt exciting especially after a couple of shots and
      beers because the the hand eye coordination required.
      The game is common at various clubs such as VFW,
      American Legion, etc. A heavy odor of cigars,
      cigarettes, etc. enhances the experience along with
      wet table tops and torn vinyl stools and chair seats.

      Get the idea?

      (Darts is too dangerous after shots and beers!!)


      Dr. "Q"

      --- krejc@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 5/3/05 8:29:45 AM Eastern
      > Daylight Time, gergely@...
      > writes:
      > Of course the main
      > theme of the usual patrons of the club is NOT Slovak
      > history, rather
      > drinking shots and a beer, and punch boards.
      > Hi Ed,
      > Well, i guess, of course, this is tradition too, :o)
      > Noreen
      > p.s. what exactly are punch boards? darts?

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