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12339RE: [Slovak-World] Slovak Roman Catholic Prayer meets Rusyn Prayer

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  • gergely
    May 3, 2005
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      The Slovak Club in Bradenville (Snydertown) PA has three murals, one really
      nice one depicting a Slovak city with the Tatras in the background. The two
      others show a local hunting scene, and Snydertown early in the 20th century.
      They were painted in the 60s or early 70s, and every time I go there and ask
      about them, no one seems to know anything about them. Of course the main
      theme of the usual patrons of the club is NOT Slovak history, rather
      drinking shots and a beer, and punch boards.

      Jack Gergely
      Newport News

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      These murals tellthe story of the immigrant experience, and relate
      it to the strength of Croatian Catholicism, devotion to Mary, the way the
      people have struggled in time of war, and the importance of our mothers in
      Slavic hsitory.

      If anyone has been in the past to the Jankola Library in Danville,
      Pennsylvania, or plans to go in the future, there is a very beautiful church
      on the
      grounds and the stained glass windows depict the Tatra Mountains and other
      immigrant treasure memories. I went there in the mid 1990's and am still
      trying to
      get the time to go again.

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