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12316Slovak Roman Catholic Prayer meets Rusyn Prayer

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  • Gregory J Kopchak
    Apr 30, 2005
      A fellow in the Carpathian Mountains has put together
      a new Rosary that blends Slovak Roman Catholic Rosary
      tradition with Rusyn Eastern Christian Jesus prayer

      Sister Faustina and Mother Angelica have brought the
      Eastern Jesus Prayer to the Roman Catholic Church thanks
      to the help of John Paul II.

      Many Roman Catholic Diocese in America now celebrate
      "Divine Mercy" Sunday the week after Easter.

      I would be very interested in any comments anyone may
      have on this "Divine Mercy" Chotki/Chaplet/Rosary.

      Look at


      If anyone wants one, do not place a bid but send email to

      Should have more in a couple weeks and will ship for $4.95
      each plus $2.00 shipping per order.


      Greg Kopchak
      It's All Relative
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