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  • David
    Apr 28, 2005
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      Dear Martin,
      I need a little help on this one. It was probably minted out there in
      Pittsburgh. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
      Dave Kuchta

      Hello. My parents recently passed away and we are still going through
      some of their belongings. I recently came across a coin with the Reverend
      Stefan Furdek on it. On the front of the coin it has his picture from the
      shoulders up. around the rim of the coin it says "Founder of F.C.S.U."
      Reverend Stefan Furdek. On the back of the coin the rim says "golden
      anniversary celebration 1890 sept. 4 1940 PGH., PA 1940. Also the middle of
      the back of the coin has a cross in the middle of a circle with Slovak
      writing and a very unique design. Any information on this coin would be
      greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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