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11764Re: [Slovak-World] Votrubova Chata

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  • Martin Votruba
    Mar 2, 2005
      Thank you, Ron, for the information and for the great photos. It's
      interesting that the German text translates the Predne Kopske sedlo
      in the Slovak text you posted as "White Saddle." It indeed is above
      White Lake (Tarn) where the newer hut was built (it's not there any
      more, either), but the mountain pass hasn't been called that in

      > difference between "chata" and "chyz^a"

      As Helen said, chyza is a traditional word for a small house. It was
      also used to mean "a room." Chata is more recent, from the German
      Hu"tte. It only means a mountain chalet/hut, or a summer
      cottage/house today. But I recall it from at least one poem from the
      19th century in the sense of "a house," although it could have been
      used because of the rhyme.


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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