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10383Dukla Pass

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  • Bill
    Oct 26, 2004
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      I have been researching the Dukla Pass fighting of Sept-Nov 1944.
      I've posted a bunch of photos and a brief English-language summary

      Recently a webmaster in Russia has begun to publish Soviet battle
      maps for this region as well as western Slovakia. I am collaborating
      with him to translate to English all six maps, which are written in
      Russian. I have almost completed my annotation of these maps. These
      maps for the most part show the Soviet offensive Southward from
      Poland and Westward from Ukraine.

      You can find pointers to the original battle maps here:

      This is an important breakthrough. While this material was published
      some time ago in Russia, it has only recently become generally
      available to the Western public. Since most of these battles did not
      involve US/Great Britain forces, there was only cursory summary
      information provided in English-language history texts.

      If you have further information (or know of others who may) and would
      like to contribute to the English-language pages on Dukla fighting,
      please drop me a note.

      Bill Tarkulich
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