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from: Sandy

Hi slovak http://www.hundekoerbchen.com/discover.php?meat=71s8ucxas0x temakwe@... Sent from my iPhone
May 21

NY Times article about Slovaks still living at home...

Interesting article that made the front page of the onlline NY Times today: Empty Nest? In Slovakia, It May Begin When the Child Is 35
Apr 20

Butter lamb for Easter

If anyone had a family tradition of making a butter lamb for Easter, here's an article on it:
Armata, Joseph R
Apr 3

Re: looking for a recipe

It's nice to see a few familiar names back on this list. I'm having a hard time accessing the current correspondence and I've missed hearing from everyone.
Mar 26

Re: looking for a recipe

My Bohemian mother made these also, and IÆve never been able to duplicate them. She added an egg and flour and rolled all out into a large sheet. She then cut
Dolores Desideri
Mar 26

Re: looking for a recipe

Vilo thank you!!! I was told Baba called them 'looshka' ....(she was from Lucky.). I'm still so very new to this....but very interested! My cousin remembers
Mar 26

Re: looking for a recipe

Mar, Here's the follow-up e-mail, with a few more specifics. H In Zahorie, we called them Lok¹e [Lohk-sheh], but some differ with me as to the rest of
Helen Fedor
Mar 26

Re: looking for a recipe

Flour and either mashed or riced cooked potatoes -- made like crepes -- thin -- then fried in butter till golden  then drizzled with butter and stacked like
Caye Caswick
Mar 26

Re: looking for a recipe

In Zahorie, we called them Lokše [Lohk-sheh], but some differ with me as to the rest of Slovakia use.I make them often.  Ingredients depends on how much
William C. Wormuth
Mar 25

Re: looking for a recipe

Paul my cousin remembers eggs were mixed with the potatoes...and the end result was bread-like....and sliced. My mom would mix eggs and flour with leftover
Mar 25

Re: looking for a recipe

No recipe needed. Just fry leftover masked (or smashed) potatoes in a pan (NOT non-stick!) in hot butter until you get a crust on both sides - turn only once.
Paul Wolsko
Mar 25

looking for a recipe

i was told my baba made this for my cousins lunch...she used leftover mashed potatoes and ?? then it was cooked it on top of her coal stove and flipped like a
Mar 25

Slovak club Miami

No big deal here but my Grandmother and mom helped get the C-S club in Miami off the ground way back in the late 50's. Large Slovak population from Trenton NJ
Mar 21


I AM BEGGING YOU.. Please change your subject line. It's bad enough I got spoofed but someone is now carrying on a private conversation on the same
Mar 20

Re: BARBARA MOUNTAIN..................Sad News

No kidding! We left Miami early on Sunday morning, but I'll keep this in mind for future reference. H On Mar 19, 2015 11:07 PM, "AltoClar@...
Helen Fedor
Mar 20
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