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Educate your friends on Referenda C&D

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  • KulpC@aol.com
    Some of you got this already.... I apologize for the duplication, but wanted to put it up on our Skyway Dems group for any outside readers. Now that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005
      Some of you got this already....  I apologize for the duplication, but wanted to put it up on our Skyway Dems group for any outside readers.

      Now that the absentee ballots are out and the Nov. 1st election date less than a month away, we all need to spread the word on Referenda C&D.  Below is a brief paragraph describing the referndums that can be forwarded to friends and relatives, letting them know how important it is for them to VOTE "YES" ON REFERENDA C&D ON NOV. 1ST.  

      Please copy it and send out to CO voters in your address book, R's and D's alike.  C&D are not partisan issues, being supported by Gov. Owens and a number of prominent Republican leaders.  They are about investing in important services, like affordable higher education, and maintaining a quality of life for all to enjoy.  If anyone responds to you with questions that you can't answer, and send me an e-mail with the question.

      Thanks for your help to "Get out the Vote" in support of a state in which we can be proud to live. If there is any other information that you need, let me know.  We have brochures, yard signs, buttons, and bumper stickers.

      Cyndy Kulp, Coordinator
      Skyway Democrats
      H - (719) 634-0627


      Referenda C&D are two important measures to be voted on Nov. 1st which offer a unique opportunity for citizens to invest in the recovery of our state.  The returns we receive will be stronger state services that will work to benefit all citizens and our children.

      Referenda C&D address critical fiscal problems in CO.  In brief, the measures:  

      1) Ask voters to allow a temporary "time out" from constitutionally-mandated TABOR tax refunds to invest in education, health care,  and transportation.  These areas have been devastated by budget cuts since the recession of 2001 in order to comply with TABOR's revenue growth limits.  Approximately  $3.1 to $3.7 billion will be retained by the state over the next five years under Referendum C.
           The state estimates that the average taxpayer will forego TABOR tax refunds of about $98 per year, or less than $500 over the entire five-year period, if voters approve Referendum C.

      2) Issue Bonds primarily to fund 55 road projects and to make capital repairs in schools and universities. (Referendum D).  The bonds will be paid back over a 20-year time period.

      3) Establish a new mechanism to modify a provision of TABOR known as the "Ratchet Effect", which has caused the state to fall behind on adequate funding in many areas because it cannot recover from economic downturns.
           If this feature of TABOR is not changed, CO will have to make more cuts in essential services while simultaneously refunding already-collected tax revenues in the form of TABOR tax refunds.  It is estimated that $400 to $500 million more will need to be cut from the state budget in 2006 if Referendum C does not pass.


      For more information or question about voting, contact the El Paso County Election Dept. at 575-8683
      Or on line at

      Read more on Referenda C&D in the State's Blue Book:
      Ballot Analysis

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