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Park Funding

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  • Linda Dyer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2011

    While we are not sure where everybody might stand on the matter of the proposal by Great Parks-Great Communities to add .15 to the sales tax in order to help fund the maintenance of our park system - the matter will come before the county commissioners on Tuesday, June 21 at their regularly scheduled 9:00 am meeting.

    If you are in support of this measure (which the commissioners have opined they are not in favor of) the attached is a word.doc one can forward to your county commissioner in support of this measure.

    It is our thought, based on commissioner comments to the Gazette, that it is their desire to have NO county issues on the ballot using the 'cost factor' as a reason to also keep the term limit extension also off the November ballot.

    A lost art in the area of county administration is the willingness to listen to the will of the people and this may be our chance to do what we can to encourage that art be 're-discovered'!

    As a matter of reference, I have also forwarded a slide indicating that this is asking to restore what commissioners have given away,with no voter approval, in the way of mill levy reductions which were not required by law.

    Thank you

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