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Health Care Rally Thurs Noon

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    From Mike Maday, HD 21 Leader -- you may wish to come to the rally tomorrow (Thurs) from 12-1 PM at City Hall. Cyndy Now s the Time to be Heard on Health
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      From Mike Maday, HD 21 Leader -- you may wish to come to the rally tomorrow (Thurs) from 12-1 PM at City Hall.

      Now's the Time to be Heard on Health Care!  Just back from DC where I participated in a series of meetings with members of the Colorado Congressional delegation to talk about health care reform.  (Everyone except, of course, our own Doug Lamborn, who shuffled us to junior staff in the hallway).  These meetings were sponsored by our friends at SEIU and a broad coalition of other groups who are educating, supporting and holding accountable our elected officials as they seek to bring about the health care changes demanded by Coloradans in the last election.  As a small business owner I expressed my concern that the bill being currently written conforms with what President Obama is asking for, including affordable, accessible, high quality health care; consumer choice regarding health coverage that includes a public option; and shared responsibility for consumers and all employers for health care costs.  As a political hack, I tried to tactfully make the point that if Democrats don't produce quality health care reform they were elected to produce voters will make sure there is hell to pay.  That dual argument seemed to get their attention.  
      If you are interested in making sure your views are heard on health (where they are concerns I expressed or any others, now is the time to act).  There are two ways to act:
      *Attend the Rally for Health Care Reform sponsored by Colorado Change that Works, tomorrow Thursday July 2, City Hall, 12:00-1:00 PM.
      *Contact Colorado Congress Members NOW!  Let them know how you feel.  Timing is everything and now is the time the health care bill is being firmed up in committee. 
      Make no mistake, there are very powerful forces lining up to oppose any health care reform.  Our representatives need to be constantly reminded of your views as reform is shaped. 

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